Tuesday , February 18 2020

Corona virus kills more than 8 in China and 25

The Chinese authorities have confirmed that 25 people have died from the virus so far, and 830 have confirmed the disease, of which 177 are in critical condition. Chinese authorities are investigating another 1,072 suspected cases. Dangerous virus transmission from China to Pakistan Most Kronaviris were found in Wuhan, the …

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What is corona virus Answers to 10 basic questions?

After the humanitarian attack of the Corona virus in China, uncertainty has surfaced around the world. The virus can be killed by entering human airways. So far, more than two dozen people have died from it. This article answers frequently asked questions about the Karuna virus. What is corona virus? …

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Modi throws India into the fire of division British magazine

The renowned British magazine The Economist has sharply criticized the BJP government’s policies in the context of the controversial Citizenship Act, saying Modi has clearly transformed India from a multi-religious and tolerant country to a biased country. Do you want to create a Hindu state. Modi throws India into the …

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