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Corona virus kills more than 8 in China and 25

The Chinese authorities have confirmed that 25 people have died from the virus so far, and 830 have confirmed the disease, of which 177 are in critical condition. Chinese authorities are investigating another 1,072 suspected cases.

Dangerous virus transmission from China to Pakistan

Most Kronaviris were found in Wuhan, the city of Turkestan, where the authorities prohibited people from entering and leaving Wuhan and nearby cities.

The WHO Okajlas continued to assess the global situation of the coronavirus, but the World Health Organization dismissed the situation as a global medical emergency.

Corona virus kills more than 8 in China and 25

An outbreak of a dangerous virus that the Chinese government is struggling with has spread in China. The virus causes fever and serious breathing problems, as well as the risk of death if the disease is serious.

The virus is at serious risk of spreading from China to other countries, which is why vaccination centers have been set up at Pakistani airports and travelers from China are being examined.

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South Korea, including the United States, Thailand, and Japan, has also reported cases of the virus that these countries have also initiated at airports to take immediate measures to prevent the virus.

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